• June 15, 2015

Hepworth Qatar has once again proved its dedication and commitment to innovation and providing customers with the best products and services by getting polyethylene PE100 and PE80 pipes certified under standard ISO 4427 (PE *ipes for water and associated applications) as well as getting the PE100 pipes (Pipes for the Supply of Gaseous Fuels) certified under standard ISO 4437 & BS EN 1555.

Both licences, KM 587511 and KM 587931, were initially issued in October 2012 and upgraded in March 2015. The aim of the upgrade was to provide more options for the approved PE100 raw materials that can be used to manufacture the licensed products and to add pipes manufactured to the British Standard BS EN 1555 to the approved product range.

The highlights in obtaining the current KM licenses are as follows:

  • KM 587511 – ISO 4427: Diameter 20 to 800mm for both PE80 and PE100 pipes for water and associated applications, manufactured to include any of the following options:
  • Solid black or blue pipes
  • Black pipes with coloured identification stripes
  • Black pipes with a coloured identification outer layer (multi-layer)
  • KM 587931 – ISO 4437 and BS EN 1555: Diameter 20 to 630mm for PE100 pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels, manufactured to include any of the following options:
  • Black pipes with coloured identification stripes
  • Black pipes with coloured identification outer layer (multi-layer)

Both European and International standards (BS EN 1555 and ISO 4437) are incorporated in the KM 587931 licence. These standards will be adopted as the basis of all gas distribution networks in the state of Qatar.

Speaking about the new certifications, Simon Murray, general manager of Hepworth Qatar said: “We are very pleased to have achieved these new certifications. This milestone underscores our commitment to our core values and towards the delivery of world-class products, our adherence to quality products and services and our responsibility to serve our customers more efficiently. Congratulations to both Production and Quality teams who supported the successful completion of the project.”