uPVC ducting

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uPVC ducting

uPVC duct pipes provide a long lasting, cost effective solution for a huge range of applications. The product is extremely chemically resistant to corrosive fumes, gases and fluids. Seamless, large diameter extrusion guarantees smoothness, uniformity and dimensional stability. The product is also lightweight which makes for easy fabrication, handling and installation.

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Physical Properties:

  • » Specific Gravity: 1.42
  • » Vicat Softening: ˃ 80°C (BS 2782)
  • » Inflammability : will not support combustion
  • » Specific Heat: 1.00kJ / kg / 0C
  • » Thermal Conductivity: 1.9 x 10-3 W / (mk)
  • » Tensile Strength: 46.5 Nmm-2 (9500 PSI)
  • » Flexural Strength: 93.08Nmm-2 (13500 PSI)

This group of products has a large application range which includes the following:
» Sheathing of water and gas services
» Factory and industrial applications
» Telephone cables
» High voltage underground cables
» Street and domestic power supplies
» Piped TV & radio