Multilayer PVC – Technocore

//Multilayer PVC – Technocore

Multilayer PVC – Technocore

Hepworth’s Technocore technology was developed together with the Wavin Group, based in the Netherlands, one of the world’s leaders in PVC multilayer plastic pipe technology. Although this technology is new to the Middle East region, it has a solid track record and has been specified and used in Europe for over 25 years.

Multilayer pipe technology was originally developed to improve the performance of pipes and to help the construction industry to achieve a lower carbon footprint, leading to a more sustainable world.



Physical Properties:

» Specific gravity: 1.4 g/cm3
» Inflammability: self-extinguishing
» Specific heat: 1.00 kJ/kg K -60°C long term, 100 degr C short term
» Thermal conductivity: Coefiicient of heat conduction = 0,16 W /m °K (or °C)
» Co-efficient of linear expansion: 0.08 mm / m K (or C)
» Vicat softening point: 79°C
» Impact strength: 2-5mJ/mm2
» Modulus of elasticity: Emod = 3000 N/mm2
» Poisson’s ratio: 0.39
» Tensile strength: 45 N/mm2
» Elongation at break: =>80%