PVDF has a high tensile strength and stiffness. The impact strength is still good at temperatures around zero °C. The advantages of PVDF are particularly prevalent at higher temperatures. This is due to the high fluorine content which causes strong interactions between the PVDF chains. This, in turn, displaces the softening and the loss of properties at higher temperatures. This also has an effect on long-term creep strength. Pipes, fittings and valves of PVDF are uncolored and opaque (milky, translucent).

Size Range
PN 16 16 mm -225m PN 10 90 mm-315 m Preferred pressure rating subject to ambient temperature.

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»  Outstanding mechanical properties, even at high temperatures
»  Excellent chemical resistance
»  No electrochemical corrosion
»  Long service life, even under intensely corrosive conditions
»  Outstanding resistance against UV and y-radiation
»  Very pure material by implementing without additives
»  No support of microbial growth
»  Physiologically harmless
»  Secure jointing by high-quality welding technology
»  Smooth inner surface
»  Very low heat conductivity
»  Excellent flame retardant properties
»  Temperature range : -20°C to + 140°C