Polybutylene is a thermoplastic from the polyolefin family. It is a semi-crystalline material. Its density is in the range of other thermoplastics such as PE or PP. It has good mechanical properties and chemical resistance making polybutylene an important material for piping systems.



The properties of PB are:

No corrosion, no encrustation, low noise emission, long service life, high flexibility and light weight.
Sizes range from ½” to 32” and 20mm to 315mm in metric.

Application Temp Working Pressure
Heating Systems 82°C 7 bar
Hot Water Services 65°C 10 bar
Cold Water Services 10°C 16 bar
Chilled Water Systems 5°C 16 bar
Compressed air 20°C 16 bar

Above figures based on 50 years life span and safety factor of 1.5.