We fabricate GRP fittings to meet standard and specific applications.

GRP fittings are manufactured conforming to various international standards and employ the filament winding manufacturing technique. Special fittings can be tailor made for individual applications in our GRP Fabrication department by our qualified and experienced technicians. A full range of GRP fittings is available including bends, Tee’s, Y’s, reducers, end caps and flange adaptors.

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GRP fittings are produced as standard to suit all three ranges of fibre cement pipes (AC), ductile iron (DI) pipes and PVC Pipelines. These are manufactured to DIN/BS/ASTM/JIS/AS/ASME/AWWA standards and can be manufactured up to 1200 mm diameter.

Hepworth GRP fittings and joints are suitable for chemicals, effluents, seawater, and potable water applications.