Dacta soil and waste systems provide an efficient means of drainage for wastewater and foul discharge in both single and multistorey buildings.

Dacta solvent weld joints are designed to provide a rigid (or restrained) joint connection. Dacta piping systems are engineered for use in a variety of applications from potable water distribution to sewer and drainage systems.

The system is manufactured in sizes from 36mm to 400mm in light grey or terracotta colour uPVC. The range includes traps, solvent weld systems, soil and vent systems and a full range of floor gullies.

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Physical Properties:

» Specific gravity: 1.42

» Inflammability: does not support combustion

» Specific heat: 1.00 kJ/kg/°C

» Thermal conductivity: 0.180 J/m2/s/°C/m

» Impact strength: complies with EN 1401-1, EN1329

» Tensile strength: in excess of 45 MN/m2 at 20°C