ABS Solweld Solvent Weld Waste System

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) solvent weld waste system is manufactured in 32mm (1 ¼”), 40mm (1 ½”), and 50mm (2”) OD sizes in white and grey colour. The ABS Solweld Solvent Weld Waste system conform where applicable to the standards laid down by BS 5255 and are carrying Kitemark Certification.

ABS provides an efficient means of drainage of waste water, to either a gully or soil stack, from single or multi storey buildings. ABS is resistant to most organic acids and alkalis and aqueous solutions. ABS has not been found to react adversely with any traditional building material.

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» Heat conductivity at 230°C
» Water absorption at 230°C
» Charpy notched impact strength at 400°C
» Vicat-heat distortion temperature B/50N