Hotels are an oasis of comfort and calm. Guests expect first-class service which includes a perfectly functioning and environment-friendly heating, cooling and water supply system at all times.

Our products offering to Hotels:

Water main

Fire Main

Natural gas main

Cold/Hot Water piping

Drinking water piping

Pressure Relief Piping

Natural gas systems

Chilled Water piping (HVAC)

Instaflex PB, malleable iron, ABS

Condensate Return piping

Compressed Air piping

Pumped drainage piping

Water Treatment RO

PVC, PP-H, PVDF, Valves actuators, Signet

Waste Water Treatment

PVC, PP-H, PVDF, Valves actuators, Signet

Above ground soil

Storm water drainage


McAlpine traps, Mifab plumbing specialties, Horobin testing products, Clamps


Mifab interceptors