Hospitals and healthcare facilities are a place of healing and convalescence. Hygienic water distribution is a major concern and challenge in areas such as washing before surgeries, cleaning of surgical instruments, catering, hospital cleaning and laundry.

Our products offering to Hospitals:

Water Main


Fire Main

Natural gas main

Cold/Hot Water piping

Drinking water piping

Pressure Relief Piping


Natural gas systems

Hot water piping(HVAC)

Chilled Water piping (HVAC)

Instaflex PB, Malleable iron, ABS

Condensate Return piping

Fire Protection Piping

Malleable iron galvanized

Compressed Air piping

Pumped drainage piping


Lab waste piping

Lab waste piping(Nuclear waste)

Medical gas system Dental Air

Medical gas system dental vacuum

Medical gas systems others

Dialysis Piping

Pipe system drainage

Pipe system pressure

DI water piping, Type l, ll, lll

PVDF IR / Aqua tap

Water Treatment RO

PVCPP-HPVDF, Valves actuators, signet

Waste Water Treatment

PVCPP-HPVDF, Valves actuators, signet

Above ground soil


Storm water drainage